Is this a Christian prayer app?

Christian prayer is central to the vision of 2GTHR. Jesus took time out of his day to think about others. He prayed for others. He did things for others. Jesus also went deep with a group of friends. In many ways, yes, this is a Christian app. But also no, this is not exclusive.

How many levels of tree are there?

Elias - our designer, says there are more trees than actual trees in the world. Wow. Create more Prayer Stories and give yourself an opportunity to discover them.

Who created 2GTHR?

The app is the coming together of 4 friends across 3 continents. Nick (LA), Elias (NYC), Mark (London) + Andrew (Turkey)

Are you just on iOS?

Don’t be a Paranoid Android just yet. We are working on being available across all operating systems!

My app is working properly, what should I do?

Uh-oh! Let’s get that fixed as soon as possible. Sorry! Drop us a line at nick@grow2gthr.com and do your best to describe the problem.