Failure. Reject. This week someone got a rejection letter from @taskrabbit . (If you don’t know what it is look it up). What can be more degrading than being rejected from @taskrabbit offering to do a list of items that other people don’t want to do. Things like “wait in line” for someone or “pick up groceries” or “clean houses” or “wait for a delivery.” 1st world tasks that people with means will pay for because they don’t want to do it themselves. Did you know that you can actually hire someone to stand in line for you at a movie? And someone got this rejection letter. Failure comes to mind. But are they a failure? Are they a reject? In the moment it is easy to get depressed and down when even in the most trivial things of life we are being told we are not good enough. But we have a thinking brain and a feeling brain-Which brain takes over when this happens? Can we turn failure into a “near miss?” Or rejection into an “opportunity?” It is easy when everything seems to be going our way, but how do we see ourselves when everything seems to be going against us? When this happens, ask someone you trust and loves you unconditionally to tell you how they see you. Not how you see yourself. 

Mark Janes