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DEVOTION:the fact or state of being ardently dedicated and loyal - Sounds hard and archaic like an old word. A religious word. Something my mom would say. But do I really know what it is? Am I devoted to anything or anyone? And if I am devoted, what does it require? So often we wonder why people come and go in our lives or friends and family seem fickle or opportunistic. Do I know how to be devoted? Not that I am to be devoted in or for something abusive but at what point do I bail on my devotion? We can be devoted to binging on a show but am I as passionately devoted to considering others before myself? Let’s really take a look at what we are devoted to and why? And can we be more devoted to things that matter most over the course of our lives? It takes practice. Like driving or working out. But once devotion makes sense, it can affect in so many positive ways. I find myself struggle to even pray or send a good thought to someone. Why? Devotion to other things that devour my time.

Mark Janes